Tuning my frequency

After a grim series of events the day before, an uneasy night and a slow starting of my day, I was in the process to enjoy the peace and quiet of the park, when a bunch of loud tourists arrived laughing audibly, taking me out of my contemplative state.  When they approached the place where I was trying to relax, they decided the place was awfully quiet and needed some stimulation, so they opened a little backpack they had with them and took out one of those Bluetooth speakers you can connect to your mobile phone and some thunderous music began to resonate all over the place.

They got tired of their playlist quite fast, so they opened the radio app of their device and began to look for a particular radio station with very strange music that made me feel a little disturbed.

As I began feeling the effects of all that noise, I recalled that we are able to choose our own inner frequency, and in the same way they were changing radio stations, I could choose a different inner frequency to vibrate at as well.

There were few things around me that could change the way I felt at that moment, but I was determined to change my mood and proceeded to tune myself into a more cheerful attitude.

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It´s not YOU, It´s ME!

We connect this cryptical line to a breakup in a relationship.  Usually, the receptor of this pronouncement most times remains for a long while shocked and bewildered, trying to understand its real meaning and/or cause.

For some, it could be a cheap and rude way of shutting down further discussion. A way to say they still have a lot of work to do on themselves, before making any further commitments and get out of the situation as fast as possible, alleviating a lot of their guilt.

But although most people nowadays understand this idea.  We can say they are not that far from the truth.

As observers and co-creators of our own reality, we have learnt that where we focus our attention, the manifestation appears. And if we agree with this statement, then we cannot blame the other party for what we are seeing in what we call: our real life.

It had been a difficult morning, waking up to bad news on the radio, opening my ears to horrible gossip from the neighbours, putting my attention on unfounded fears from the night before and beginning a train of ideas based on the slightest negative detail I could find around me.

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The opportunity

When things do not go as you want with an app in your mobile phone or with your computer, they usually recommend resetting them.

The process is amazingly simple, all you must do is to turn your mobile, tablet or computer off, wait for a few minutes, and then turn it on again.

Once the internal memory has been cleaned, your device will operate in a better and more fluid way.

For a long while, I had that need too. A huge overwhelming feeling had been crawling inside my head. I just needed to turn my brain off for a while, and then turn it on again in order to keep it functioning as usual.

But was that possible?

And then, March 2020 arrived.

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Your trophy room


I used to enjoy observing in silence all the treasures a friend had in his studio.  The walls were covered by photos, trophies, awards and things of that kind.

Throughout his life he had met and befriended many celebrities from different parts of the world and some of them had been key elements in human history.

One day, as I discovered more hidden “treasures” as autographed books, honours and acknowledgements. My friend arrived and sat at his desk.  He amusingly observed as I enjoyed myself watching his amazing collection of memories.

To him these were witnesses of his own story. His achievements, failures, good and bad times, but always a memory of the lesson learnt was present in each object therein.

Every time he showed his “trophy room” to other people, he talked about the lesson learned, the experienced lived and the changes that event brought to his life.  Never showed off his “trophies” to boast or to humiliate others. On the contrary, he had always tried to motivate them to achieve wonderful things so they could too have a room full of memories and experiences to share with the world.

He had learnt to live and be happy and help others to find their happiness as well, never to try to impress anyone else.  Continue reading


The other day while taking a long walk in the park, I was pondering about why sometimes we feel uncomfortable with the way our life is going.

I remember thinking that as long as I was feeling fine, my life and everything around me were supposed to be alright and I should not move anything whatsoever to change it.

I am not saying, that you should feel uneasy with your life all the time, that is not the real reason to be here.  But once you notice that “nothing changes” that things are just the same, as usual, and you begin to feel that you are not “advancing” in your life path, then it is time to listen to that little voice in your head that is trying to tell you something very important.

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The puddle


After an amazing storm I was on my way to see a client trying to find shortcuts along the way to arrive on time.

I decided to go through a park I have never visited before but, it was on the way to my client’s office.  I was walking very fast and suddenly, after a curve, I found myself in front of a huge puddle.

At first I thought trying to jump over it or, slowly walk through it, but the image of a video of a car sinking in an apparently innocent puddle came to my mind.   This video showed a car crossing a seemingly inoffensive puddle in a street of a big city, but it seems it was covering a huge “gap”, the car unknowingly kept advancing and suddenly disappeared into the “puddle”.

The video did not show whether the driver was able to come out alive from there, but the image remained very clear in my mind.  Continue reading



We are hearing very often about detachment lately. Detachment to material things, to places, to people etc.

For most people, it is easier to detach themselves from individuals, food or places than to be the “victim” of the detachment.

You can train your mind to separate from a place, from a certain food or habit.  A little more difficult for many is to “avoid” toxic people who are not helping us with our growth process.

Especially when the other people feel you are avoiding them for the wrong reasons. They might think that you are getting too “picky” or that you are being too selfish or that you simply do not care anymore for them.

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You are the best!

Sometimes we look up at other people thinking their lives are really great and worth imitating.  We see just what they allow us, great houses, cars, expensive gadgets, etc.

We believe they have a wonderful life and we wish we could be as lucky as they are.

We see people we call achievers and read about their great success in business, sports, politics etc.  We would love to do things as good as they do.

We tend to idealise those people and really believe that we are very far from those overachievers.  We wouldn’t dream to compare with them and sometimes we even feel happy if we could do a quarter of what they can do.  And actually that is the real problem.

When we compare with others we are actually setting our threshold very low.  We are limiting our true capabilities and beliefs since we have been taught to believe those people are superior to us. Continue reading

The storm

When I was a child I hated when the rain ruined my afternoon. I was not allowed to go out and play while raining.

So, during the rainy season I was doomed to stay at home watching TV or reading, that was not a bad thing since I fell in love with many wonderful books back then.

But I remember many times watching great plans with friends being cancelled because of the rain.

That made me feel very frustrated and sometimes even angry with Mother Nature.

Years had to pass before I was able to really appreciate the blessings of a good storm and the cleansing and purifying effects on the whole planet.

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Is that you?

She was a sweet and lovely girl.  She grew up in a traditional family and her childhood was a happy one.

As she grew up people and events turn her down and she became resentful and “tougher”. She began talking like her male friends and changed her stylish wardrobe for a more masculine looking. Even her movements and vocabulary became more aggressive and rough.

Finally one day I dared to ask her why she decided to make those changes in her personality, since she was such a nice young lady and now she was rougher than some gang members I know. Continue reading