Peel off the skin

Sometimes when you want to eat a fruit or vegetable, before you can enjoy it you need to peel off the skin (although in many cases the main vitamins are contained in the skin), you have never tried to eat an orange without peeling off the skin right?

Once you peel the skin off you throw it into the rubbish bin and forget about it since your mind is focused on enjoying the delicious fruit.

Same happens for processed food, you need to take off the container before you can have access to the actual product.  I don’t think you have ever eaten anything wrapped in plastic or paper, or an egg with its shell (although some people put the shells in the blender since they are a great source of calcium).

We even cleanse our own skin since there are lots of death cells on it, so brushing our skin on a daily basis is a great way to keep our body healthy ( besides the peeling treatments some spas offer as well).

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