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She was drawing something on a piece of paper, when I got into the room she didn’t seem to notice my presence, so I stood at the entrance waiting for her to invite me in. But she was too concentrated on her drawing, so I had to wait for a while until without taking her eyes from her drawing she just muttered: “Are you going to stay at the door the whole day? Wouldn’t you rather seat?”

I searched for a chair where to seat but despite of being a very big and luxurious Victorian house, she didn’t have many furniture around and some areas reminded me of the traditional minimalistic Japanese decoration.

Finally I found a small sofa near a window and sat there.  It was not very near to where my friend was but it was the only place to seat I could find.  The sofa was everything but comfortable, it was old and very hard, but well I was not going to complain about it, I was just visiting her and had many things to tell her.

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