The art of healing

 “The wish for healing has always been half of health.” – Seneca

Nowadays the word “healing” has been taking different meanings, it can refer to physical healing, moral, mental or spiritual alleviation.

The pharmaceutical industry has been presenting an image of physical healing as something you will obtain only by the consumption of chemical medicaments. Religions have given us the image that spiritual and moral healing (“salvation”) is obtained by attending to a place to worship divinity and follow certain rules implemented by humans etc.

It seems we all have our own concept of healing, but have you noticed that there are people who apparently are searching for healing but that are avoiding it at the same time?

Our body is a real marvel, it has self-healing qualities and they are working 24/7, we have been giving all we need in nature to heal ourselves, our ancestors had a great notion of nature´s healing power. Probably you even know a few “recipes” from your grandparents that helped you while you were a child and you still use from time to time.

Of course back then there wasn’t many diseases that have been now “created” by our modern way of living and the addition of thousands of chemicals to our food and environment. But that is a different subject.

As I was saying before my ranting, have you noticed that there are people who actually do NOT want to be healed?

In a subconsciously manner they have found their “illness” will bring them some benefits: Attention, compassion, pity, economical help, sympathy and the list goes on and on.

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2 thoughts on “The art of healing

  1. Another great post, Hector. 🙂 The idea of healing our complaints seems to elicit the same fear that any change brings, and I agree that exploring the blocks to health and happiness may loosen them up enough to clear the way. I think changing our self-talk is another great jump start to the healing process. I used to work with a woman who told everyone (almost every day) that her family was always sick. Guess what? Her family was always sick! I wonder what would have happened if the message she delivered to the world every day was “My family is always healthy.”

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  2. Thanks D! Indeed our self-talk is the main issue in the reality we are observing around us. Thanks for your wise words and for reading and support! May your inner chat be of health, wealth and happiness today and every day!

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