Awakening The Trilogy!


There are many interpretations for “being awake”.  Probably each one of us have our own concept and yours could be quite opposite to mine.

One day you wake up tired of feeling yourself in a “foggy-dream-mental-state”. And then you realise that there are times in life when things happen around you and your mind is like connected to a different dimension.  Later, you realise you have lost the action that happened right in front of you.

I am not trying to teach anything new, I am no trying to impose my ideas on you, I am just sharing my experiences, my lessons learnt and yet to learn, my own answers and conclusions, as if we were having a friendly chat in a tea house on a cold night.

Come with me in this new adventure:

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Depending on them

From my book: Answers

I was reading a forum where writers share their experiences, doubts and advices with other writers and, I was surprised to find out that one of the most asked questions was: Who do you all have in your life that supports your passion for writing?

Most people answered that their families were not really interested in their passion. They supported themselves and many said that they were writers because they believed in themselves.

I was very impressed to read that a big number had quitted writing because the amount of criticism they had receive and believed they were not good at all.

Some of them looked for support at local writers groups and other forums on line, where the aggression and lack of respect is amazing. Continue reading



Article taken from my book: Dialogues with my inner self Vol. III

Why am I still so stuck?

I cannot understand it! I read every book, every article, ever blog, I make my visualisations every day, I watch what I eat, I have clean my house and my body I have followed your advices and everyone else’s and I still don’t get what I ask for.

What am I doing wrong? Why am I still so stuck?

I was trying to explain my friend that she was doing nothing wrong, she was just overwhelmed with information and the problem was not what she was doing or not doing.

The problem was she was obsessed with manifesting into her life everything she wanted and being considered as a LOA master.  She couldn’t understand that kind of motivation was wrong. Continue reading

Inner wisdom II

Inner wisdom comes not only in the form of theory or intellectual knowledge. It is a more profound concept.

We can say it is a part of our inner baggage, a set of tools that travel with us all our life and constantly updates with the help or our experiences and tests in life.

It means to be true to our inner being and apply those tools in our daily life. Continue reading

Inner Wisdom

Those two words “Inner wisdom” have always represented in my mind something like a hidden treasure inaccessible to most human beings. I don’t know why but, to me, it sounded like something almost impossible to have access to.  Only for a few privileged chosen ones.

But every time I had the “privilege” to have access to some information labelled as “inner wisdom” I realised that to me, this was rather “common sense”. Continue reading