Your limits?

I was visiting Rick and he was very concerned about his future.

His grandfather was a doctor, his father was a doctor and, yes you guessed it, he became a doctor as well.

He had been surrounded by doctors of all kinds all his life. He attended reunions and parties where most people were doctors, his whole world was full of doctors here and doctors there.

That was on one side very good, because that influence had made him a very good doctor, very open to all kind of medicines, not only allopathy. But on the other side it was a terrible thing as well, because he had assumed all his life his role as a doctor.  He could not conceive the idea of doing anything else. Continue reading

The thin line (Rambling)

One of the hardest things for me is trying to identify the difference between a “forced” situation and a “natural” one.

And now I know I am not alone there, because that is one of the most frequent questions I get asked all the time.

When I am trying to “force” an event, an action, a response to something that suddenly appears in my path.  I have learnt to “measure” my direction depending on the “roughness” of the road.  That is, when you are finding too many “rocks” on your path, that could be a signal that you are transiting the wrong road. Continue reading

You are being limited

I was listening to the different complains of a group of people about the way governments around the world are limiting our freedom. How castrating and humiliating some laws could be for our well being.

One of the complainers was an acquaintance who lives in a very expensive part of the city and she was complaining about the abuse some immigrants have to face when they reach the borderline and they are treated like criminals and are returned back to their country.  She is the first to hire those people, pay them a miser salary and treat them almost like slaves. Continue reading

The way I am

After all the things we have been discussing about the importance of change in our evolution and its role in the process of life, there is nothing more frustrating and disheartening that listen to someone saying: “this is the way I am and I cannot change it”.

I have heard those words too many times, especially from elderly people who in some way or another have adopted certain patterns in their lives and they believe they cannot change them anymore, sometimes they don’t care if those patterns are making their life better or worse, and the main problem is that they are accepting their status without trying to make a positive change in their behaviour and beliefs. Continue reading

The leash

I was looking at a small dog barking outside a convenience store hoping her

Owner would come out so they could continue their promenade.  I noticed that the dog jumped and reached a certain point where she stopped completely as “pulled by an invisible rope”, I forgot to mention she was unleashed.

When her owner came out of the store I asked him how old the dog was and commented on how well trained she was since she stood outside waiting for him and never tried to get into the store, although she looked so anxious to do it. Continue reading